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Our Miami electricians are on-call 24/7 to restore your power to a good working order.

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Your Miami home relies on power to keep you cool, comfortable, connected and entertained. When an unexpected outage or short circuit gets in the way, the team from Miami Electric Masters is here to help. As a leading-edge residential electrician company serving Miami and 南佛罗里达, we’re committed to keeping your home secure, 安全, 和平稳运行. From 24/7紧急 service to our comforting two-year labor warranty, we have the expert services your home or business needs to thrive, 包括:

  • 电气维修
  • 电气安装
  • 电线
  • 电气安全检查
  • 过载保护
  • 一氧化碳和烟雾探测器
  • 紧急服务
  • GFI网点


Miami’s Best Choice for 电气维修

Whether you’re having trouble with an old electrical panel, 闪烁的光, 或者一个坏了的吊扇, we can send a certified home electrician to your Miami home to help. We’ll always use the best tools and techniques in the business to provide the top-quality 电气维修 以及你应得的替代服务.


Whether it’s a new outdoor lighting system or a plasma-screen TV, our technicians can handle even the most complex installations. Our team has extensive experience with 电气安装 and wiring, and we’ll work hard to make sure your 电线 will be nothing less than perfectly configured.

Safety First: 电气安全检查 服务

According to the National Fire Protection Association, damaged electrical systems are a leading cause of home fires. When it comes to your home and family, prevention is the best medicine. 电气安全检查 are one of the most important services we provide for our customers. Using our expertise to make sure that you and your loved ones won’t fall victim to an electrical fire is a responsibility we take very seriously.


南佛罗里达 is k现在n for fabulous beaches, beautiful people and—oh yes—terrible thunderstorms! In fact, having weathered more thunderstorms than anywhere else in the U.S., we Floridians appreciate the value of 过载保护 比大多数. 幸运的是, Miami Electric Masters is here to help you protect your devices from spikes and surges when lightning strikes.


As a fellow Miami resident, you already k现在 how important it is to be prepared for a power outage. Whether or not there’s a storm coming your way, having access to a trusted on-call electrician is a smart plan. From re-wiring damaged components after a surge to resetting tripped breakers, our 24/7紧急 services are designed to get you out of the dark and back to business as usual with minimum downtime.

Protect Your Family from Electric Shocks: GFI网点

GFI outlets can help keep those curious kids and mischievous pets out of trouble. They’re also required by law in 南佛罗里达 outdoor spaces, kitchens, and bathrooms. With our thorough k现在ledge of local building codes, we can help you make sure that your property is 安全ly up-to-date with proper GFCI outlet placement.


需要一个r可靠的澳门乐8网站当地电工 现在? 不要再往下看了. The talented team members at Miami Electric Masters are standing by to offer professional and courteous assistance for all your electrical needs. Call and speak to a licensed and certified electrician today to learn more about our two-year labor warranty, 我们的紧急服务, 以及我们卓越的职业道德. You can also fill out our online form to request your free quote right 现在!


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